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A l y s s a  S t a r o n - C l a s s i c a l  S i n g e r

A sought-after soloist for wedding ceremonies and other special events, Alyssa's rich and expressive voice will add warmth, elegance and beauty to your affair. Her background in classical vocal music, musical theater and as a wedding soloist provides her with an extensive repertoire to assist you in selecting the music that will best fit your occasion. Alyssa's training and musicianship also allow her to comfortably work with different music directors, instrumentalists and other singers, and to easily accommodate new song requests.


Her experience in sacred and religious music has given Alyssa the knowledge in choosing appropriate music for weddings, services and ceremonies of various religious denominations. In particular, her expertise as a cantor for the Catholic mass provides her with the understanding of the required music and sung responses for the mass, as well as the physical and ministerial logistics of the role of cantor, giving music directors and celebrants peace of mind. She is also trained in using her voice to match appropriate styles needed for religious and sacred music.


A lover and advocate of art song and chamber music, Alyssa plans and presents numerous musical programs for large and small private events. She is available for vocal recitals, concerts, parties and other special affairs, and can customize her programs according to your themes and preferences.


Alyssa encourages live auditions as she is often told that, "The recording on the web doesn't do Alyssa justice". Please contact her to find out where you can hear her or for a private hearing. Rates for weddings include travel, a music rehearsal on the day of the wedding, music consultation, preparation and the performance.


Please contact Alyssa for rates, availability, and more information at or 610-724-5962.   You can also find her on Gigmasters:



Wedding Singer
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